Cargo Lift (Goods Lift)

Cargo lift

Cargo lift is vertical platform lifts up to 4 tonnes capacity that enable users to move goods alone or on crates, trolleys or pallets safely and efficiently between two or more floors and suit numerous requirements and applications within buildings, such as warehouses, stores, factories and workshops

The lift comes from 1 ton  to 4 tonnes capacities, and up to 12 meters. The cage sizes are available up to 3 meters (width) x 3 meters (length) and cage movements are guided by steel guide rail. All our cargo lift is equipped with safety catch (anti fall) protection and electrical safety switches.

Integra Crane has supplied cargolift to numerous well known company in Indonesia. Improve your factory or warehouse productivity with our products, which durable and guaranteed.

lift barang denso sunter 1 ton

Lift Barang Nihon Chemical 1 ton


PT. Denso Indonesia Nihon Chemical Nihon Chemical
  • Up to 4 tonnes load capacity
  • Lifting height up to 12 meters
  • Safety device : Anti fall device (safety catch), limit switch, load cell (optional) & load limiter

Through our experience and knowledge, Integra crane design and fabricate all crane system that is safe, reliable, durable and economical. We fabricate all the crane structure in our own workshop, this way allow us to produce the highest quality product with the lowest cost.

Our experienced sales engineer can help you choose the most effective and efficient crane system for your needs. Get your quick quotation & best price from Integra Crane

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