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Goliath Crane

full gantry craneGoliath crane also known as gantry crane is a type of crane that utilize independent legs on each sides of the bridge (girder). These legs are made of steel pipe or built up box steel plate.

One side of the legs called fix leg and the other side is called flexible legs. On the flexible legs gantry crane utilize hinge joint in order to minimize the load's torque and to anticipate unequal rail level. These legs attached on top of a saddle (end carriage).

Goliath crane can be installed indoor and outdoor. Indoor use mainly because the existing building columns is not strong enough to be attached by overhead crane, so goliath crane is the solution. Outdoor use is because this type of crane have their own independent legs.

Goliath Crane advantages are:

  1. Utilize independent legs
  2. Great working area coverage
  3. Less expensive than installing overhead crane with free standing column
  4. Customized lifting height

Below pictures are examples of the gantry cranes that Integra has installed.

double girder full gantry crane outdoor full gantry crane - goliath crane
double girder gantry crane single girder gantry crane
  • Up to 50 tonnes
  • Up to 30 meters span
  • indoor & outdoor
  • Up to 10 tonnes 
  • Up to 18 meters span
  • indoor & outdoor

Through our experience and knowledge, Integra crane design and fabricate all crane system that is safe, reliable, durable and economical. We fabricate all the crane structure in our own workshop, this way allow us to produce the highest quality product with the lowest cost.

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