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Semi Gantry Crane

semi gantry cranes waskitaSemi gantry crane is a variation of a gantry crane which has an independent legs on the end of one side of the bridge (girder), while on the other end, the bridge attached on top of a saddle and building's runway beam (just like overhead crane).

Semi Gantry crane is common installed below the main crane (usually overhead crane), the purpose is to improve productivity within that specific area. This type of crane can be installed indoor and outdoor. It is possible to install this type of crane if there are column's corbel on the outdoor side of the building. But if there aren't any corbels then it is much more efficient to install full gantry crane instead.

Semi gantry crane advantages are :

  1. Could be installed underneath an overhead crane
  2. Offers forward and backward movement as far as the buidling it self
  3. Lower cost than full gantry crane

Below pictures are some of the semi gantry cranes that Integra Crane previously installed :

semi gantry crane - hitachi semi gantry crane - usc 5t
Double Girder Semi Gantry Single Girder semi gantry
  • Up to 50 tonnes capacity
  • Up to 30 meters span
  • indoor & outdoor
  • Up to 10 tonnes capacity
  • Up to 30 meters span
  • indoor & outdoor

Through our experience and knowledge, Integra crane design and fabricate all crane system that is safe, reliable, durable and economical. We fabricate all the crane structure in our own workshop, this way allow us to produce the highest quality product with the lowest cost.

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