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Wall Jib Crane

wall jib craneWall Jib Crane is a variation of jib crane where it's cantilever beam acts as a runway beam of the hoist. This cantilever beam attached to building's column. The movement of the cantilever beam of the wall jib is rotational up to 180ยบ.

Because the cantilever beam attached on the building's column, the strength of the column has to be checked before the crane installation. This type of crane often seen for lowering or lifting load between floor levels, workstation in certain area.

Wall Jib Crane advantages are :

  1. Improve productivity on that area
  2. Could be installed on existing columns
  3. Less expensive than post jib crane.

Below pictures are some of the wall jib crane that Integra Crane installed:

wall jib crane - 3 ton wall jib crane 250 kg slewing jib crane 3 ton
Indo Japan Steel Ethica Industri Indo Japan Steel
  • Up to 5 tonnes load capacity
  • Up to 6 meters outreach (arm)
  • Lifting height according to customer's request
  • manual swing movement or motorized

Through our experience and knowledge, Integra crane design and fabricate all crane system that is safe, reliable, durable and economical. We fabricate all the crane structure in our own workshop, this way allow us to produce the highest quality product with the lowest cost.

Our experienced sales engineer can help you choose the most effective and efficient crane system for your needs. Get your quick quotation & best price from Integra Crane

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