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Double Girder Overhead Crane


double girder overhead craneThis double girder overhead crane utilize two bridge beams  (girders) set atop the runway end saddles. They typically incorporate a top running trolley hoist which moves along the top of the two bridge beams (girders) on its own set of wheels for increased headroom under the crane.
Double Girder Overhead Crane are most frequently used where capacities over 5 tons and/or spans of 20 to 30 meters are needed. They can be utilized at any capacity where extremely high hook lift is required because the hook can be pulled up between the girders. Double Girder Bridge Cranes are often used where heavy service are required, or where the crane needs to be fitted with walkways, crane lights, cabs, magnet cable reels or other special equipment.

Power Plant double girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane is an overhead crane that uses two parallel bridge (girder). The bridge (girder) it self usually made from a customized built steel box plate. At Integra Crane, we design the box (girder) with the assistance of latest computer aided design (CAD) and analyze the structural strength of the bridges (girders) with it.

Advantages for Double Girder Overhead Cranes :
1. Widely used for greater loads (5 to 100 tonnes or more)
2. The hoist position is on the top of the bridges so it offers greater lifting height
3. Much more stable and rigid than single girder overhead crane

crane girder installation

Double girder Overhead Crane installation must be done by professional with safety and durability in consideration. There are few structural conditions that need attention such as runway height level and span consistency through out the entire length of runway. A proper installation will ensure smooth operation & prolong the life time of the crane.

Through our experience and knowledge, Integra Crane designs and manufactures double girder overhead crane with the least dead weight and maximum safety, these are to make sure that our customers get the most efficient, safe, reliable & durable crane systems. Our experienced sales engineer can help you choose the most efficient and effective crane system for your needs.

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