crane planning & design

Crane Planning & Design is an important step of your investment. Choosing the right solution is critical as there are multiple configurations that need to suit your needs. There are numbers of factors to considers when choosing the right crane for you; such as :
1. Load Capacity & duty rating
2. Lifting height
3. Control / Speed of the Crane
4. Working Area

And you also have to analyze your facility (either factory or warehouse) layout, such as facility size (span and length), free standing or attached to existing building structure, and are there any obstructions.

There are numbers types of crane you can choose :
1. Overhead Crane = Double Girder, Single Girder, or Under-hung crane
2. Gantry Crane = Full Gantry Crane or Portal Crane, Semi Gantry Crane
3. Jib Crane = Post Jib Crane or Wall Jib Crane
Each one of them has its own benefits and characteristic, and they all are custom made. 

Our Experienced sales engineer can help you selecting the most suitable crane for you. We provide complete professional service from location survey, analyze your facility vs your requirements, and advise you the best crane solution.


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