Electric Hoist

Electric Hoist is a device for lifting or lowering a load powered by a motor. Nowadays hoist has become an important equipment to improve factory's or warehouse's productivity. Hoist usually attached on a crane system as a lifting machine. There are two main hoist types, chain hoist & wire rope hoist. You can see their differences, benefits and applications as below.

Types of hoist :


chain hoist
Chain Hoist

250 kg - 5000 kg

  • Compact design
  • flexible to move around
  • Less expensive than rope hoist
wire rope hoist sling
Wire Rope Hoist

500 kg - 100.000 kg

  • Kapasitas lebih besar
  • Kecepatan angkat lebih cepat
  • lebih stabil

Selecting the right hoist is critical to improve your productivity and safety. Integra Crane as a hoist & crane company provide wide range of 100% Original & Guaranteed electric hoist products and spare parts. We can help you choose the most cost effective, efficient and effective for your needs.

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