Electric Chain Hoist


Electric Chain hoist

Electric Chain hoist is a compact lifting equipment by means of a rotating chain powered by a motor. It is less permanent and easier to move around than wire rope hoist. This makes them more flexible when you have the necessary to switch hoisting positions from one room to the other.

Benefits of chain hoist are :
1. More compact and less weight than wire rope hoist
2. Robust, low maintenance
3. Its cheaper than electric wire rope hoist
4. provide true vertical lift with no extra cost

Chain hoists come with a few other advantages, such as ease of use and applications for jib crane, gantry crane, and Manual cranes. Such cranes tend to involve manual movement load hooks, which wire rope can slip out of more easily; whereas chain provides a greater level of dependability.


Integra Crane provide wide range of top quality chain hoist:

demag chain hoist
Demag Chain Hoist
German technology - assembly in China
  • 125 kg - 2000 kg
  • Double speed
Hitachi Chain Hoist
Hitachi Chain Hoist
Made in Japan
  • 500 kg - 5000 kg
  • Single speed & Double Speed

Integra Crane provide 100% original & guaranteed electric chain hoist. Original products ensure the improvements of your productivity and safety. Our Sales engineer can help you choose the most efficient and effective for your needs.

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