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Underslung crane

Underhung Crane panasonic

Underslung crane can be suspended directly from the overhead building structure beam without the need for support columns. That’s because this crane system is generally much lighter than the top-running system. For an under-slung or under-running system, the end trucks operate on the lower flange of the runway beams. The beams make up the crane runway. For top-running systems, the end trucks are supported on rails, which are attached to the top of the crane runway.

As their runway beams are suspended from building roofs, underslung crane is limited in lifting capacity usually 5 tons or less. Before choosing this type of crane you should consider the structural strength of your facility’s roof.

Factors  to consider when choosing this crane system :

  1. Capacity of the crane system (below 5 tonnes)
  2. The strength of the roof structure
  3. Is there any obstacles for this type of crane to operate

Below pictures are some of the underslung system that Integra has installed :

underhung crane - underslung crane

underhung crane

underhung crane 3 ton

Asahi Mas Hino Motor Denso Indonesia
  • Up to 5 tonnes capacity
  • Lifting height up to 12 meters
  • No runway rail, special end carriage (saddle)

Integra crane produce all the crane system in our own private workshop. This way we can ensure that our customers get the most efficient, safe, reliable & durable products. Our experienced sales engineer can help you choose the most effective & efficient crane system for your needs.

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